My idea of this blog

TVI believe in living a dream.
I believe that you can make the world a better place if the person next to you is happy.
I believe that nothing happens for its own sake, all little events lead you to the place you wish to be in.
This project began with a dream of my chain of restaurants, a set of places that would make people happier when they come there. An open and transparent enterprise that will let people see what they can eat and drink and where it comes from. Places that will make people feel at home.
However, on its way it grew into something significantly bigger, into an idea of a company that will bring taste to people’s lives, make them brighter, more colorful and delicious.
So far, you are welcome to follow reviews which describe the best restaurants and cafés that I find all over the world. I only write about places I love, that meet my idea of delicious.
Besides, you can find my paintings and drawings that depict my perception of art. I love art and I hope that you’ll love my interpretation of it.
Moreover, there is a new project being born here – my Marketing company. So, stay tuned for new posts.
Follow the Taste. There is a delicious world worth discovering.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean-Philippe CHARLES says:

    Hi Tatiana!
    I really like the positive feeling expressed in your blog!
    You are so passionate about restaurants and I am sure you will soon discover a fantastic, original concept to create your dreamed chain of restaurants.
    This blog is a good idea; it forces you to analyze (Swot) existing concepts and to identify what you would like to propose in yours.
    Your “coups de coeur” are very nice places and I look forward to visiting them soon!
    It was a pleasure to meet such a enthusiastic, passionate and smiling person!
    I wish you all the best

  2. Dear Jean-Philippe,
    Thank you so much for your kind support.
    Hopefully you will have a great experience if you come to the places I am considering. They are definitely worth an effort to come! 🙂
    As soon as the first restaurant is open, you will receive an invitation! 🙂
    Sincerely yours,

  3. AN says:

    I can’t wait to come to your own restaurant! 😉

  4. Lily Bachrich says:

    Tanya, eres adorable, gracias por tu Blog, me encanta!
    Gracias por compartir y por hacernos felices de tantas formas!

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