Restaurant review 1: Alsur Café

Pastry standRestaurants reviews can be regarded as a practical application of market research tools.
It is always worth while considering the successful concepts that already exist on the market to evaluate their strong and weak points, their potential strengths and threats to make a step forward on the way to a new concept.
This is the first restaurant review that open the way, the most difficult and exciting.

One of the most successful concepts that I’ve seen so far is that of “Alsur Café” (,,é-el-born/4b5b08ebf964a52001e028e3)

At the moment there are two cafes open, each one has its own soul, but both have a similar charm.
The charm is “freedom”.
There are many places that impose boarders. While Alsur brings you everything that you want at the time that you wish to.
Like, one can have a coffee or a cocktail or a cake or a proper dish at any time of the day. As well as to have a typical Spanish dish or a Venezuelan or Argentinian, separately or altogether.
However, it is not only “freedom” that makes the concept so successful.
It is a high quality in everything done from home-style savory products to fresh pastry baked on spot boosted by zeal for improvement that leads to continuous changes that keeps the places vibrant and makes one feel like coming back.

However, let’s make it clear and structure the SWOT analysis of the concept.
It is important to emphasize that for the reason of existence of 2 cafes, individual peculiarities and differences will not be taken into consideration.

1. Great location
2. Understandable concept
3. Easy-going lounge atmosphere
4. Good and predictable quality of food and beverages
5. Efficient opening hours (kitchen is open too)
6. Efficient quality control and relative independence from suppliers

1. The concept is too broad to position efficiently
2. The flow of staff
3. Existence of slightly varied offers under the same name increases the number of necessary references and complicates a definition

1. Easy expansion
2. Interpromotion
3. Continuous growth of flow through online positioning and increase in awareness

1. Saturation of the zone with competitive concepts

To sum it up, it’s important to highlight that this is a personal opinion of a guest.

It is the first review and let’s see where the following will lead and how they will evolve. 🙂


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