Best cupcakes everI’d like to begin the second review with a short comment.

The objective of these reviews is to analyze different concepts existing so far on the market. Therefore, not so much attention is dedicated to a technical consideration of a place.

However, after considering several critical feedbacks of the first review, I´ll try to make this more complete. If anyone is interested in still more details, you are welcome to ask in a comment and I’ll happily provide you with the most explicit information about price, service, food delivery time, working hours, etc.

Today’s review is dedicated to my second favorite place in Barcelona: Brunch&Cake. (,,–cake/4fa419c9e4b0a34ac6929c75) Photos:

It was opened in spring 2012 as a “breakfast bar”. This café is a new “eat-in” place of “Cup&Cake” that has long been known to have the best cupcakes in Barcelona.

After only about 6 months, it has queues during brunch time and a consistent flow of people at any time of the day.

What is the key to success of a place that is a little bit off the high street? What is so special about the concept?

Let’s begin with a short description of it.

It´s a place with homey atmosphere: white walls, wooden furniture, with sweet music and minimalist decoration. It would be almost perfect if flowers were not artificial.

Being the second “stay-in” place of the same proprietary, it has successfully continued the fame of being the place with the best cupcakes and coffee in Barcelona.

However, the fact that cupcakes are delivered can sometimes leave you without any. Which can be a sign of a high flow of people. 🙂

Besides, food is delicious. Portions are really big and prices are attractive.

Another really important advantage that we have discovered after a careful, or desperate, search of a place to eat at 4 p.m. on Sunday in Barcelona, “Brunch&cake” does have the kitchen running from 10.00 to 21.30. Something almost impossible to find.

Basically, it is a great place to have brunch on a lazy morning or to meet friends for coffees or an easy dinner.

However, with all my affection for the concept, it has some flaws in its implementation.

The first one is its online positioning. It doesn´t have an independent web site. The search leads you to different blogs. This results in low image control.

Besides, there is no WiFi, which can be explained and understood, but the Internet is so much a part of our current life now, that it could be an advantage as well. Let´s say, tourists who usually don´t have a local SIM with access to the Internet and have found it by chance, can leave a feedback or check-in.

And apparently, judging by all the comments on Foursquare and TripAdvisor, the service can be a problem. I have never noticed that, but, maybe, it sometimes takes just a smile to be well-attended? 🙂

To sum it up, let´s check the SWOT of the place:


  1. Clear concept
  2. Image and quality support (Cup&Cake)
  3. Accessible location


  1. No independent web site. Dependence on bloggers.
  2. Complains about service
  3. No WiFi
  4. Not too much space in between tables


  1. A different location with the same concept.


  1. Low image control.

Well, let´s call it a day and start working on the next review.

I am looking forward to all your comments and considerations!


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