Tarannà café

As I have promised, today we’ll consider a case of successful copying of the concept of “Federal café”.

To start with, let me remind you that the idea of copying something that has already proved to be a success or to open a similar place within a walking distance from the original competitor is quite common.

One of the companies that has been going through it is Starbucks.

It is thought that a quality coffee shop opened close to Starbucks is destined to be successful. Here is an article of 2007: http://consumerist.com/2007/12/29/want-a-thriving-coffee-shop-open-next-to-a-starbucks/

Besides, there is a chain of coffee shops Peet’s Coffee and Tea that bases their expansion strategy on opening stores next to Starbucks. On page 9 of the following research you can find some interesting facts: http://www.mcafee.cc/Classes/BEM106/Papers/2008/Starbucks.pdf

Anyway, Starbucks in Spain is the topic of the next entry.

Today we considering “Tarannà” café. (http://tarannacafe.com/, https://www.facebook.com/tarannacafe, https://es.foursquare.com/v/tarann%C3%A0/4f10717be4b000502af0130a)

Inaugurated on January, 27, 2012, the place kept the concept of a breakfast bar with a quality food and coffee offer and an open bar design. It is peculiar that recently it has been common to put big tables to share instead of individual ones to create a sense of “home”.

“Tarannà” is located just a block from “Federal café” and has definitely managed to benefit from the problem that “Federal café” has been running with its service and reluctance to change.

Apart from that, it enhances the traceability part by making the kitchen open as well as giving information about the origin of its products in the menu.

However, it is great to have an open kitchen but only when it is separated with a glass wall. Otherwise, the smell of food, at least for me, can hinder one from definitely enjoying a stay.

A very important recent change in schedule has been approved. Now it is opened on Sunday and Monday the whole day.

“Tarannà” has quite decent online positioning, in case you don’t confuse it with a touristic company. 🙂

The web-site has all the necessary information.

There was an attempt to run a Twitter account: https://twitter.com/tarannacafe. However, it has been inactive since February, 7.

What is curious is that “Tarannà” is not registered on Tripadvisor.com.

I am personally not impressed with the quality of service. It is the first place that I have been to in my whole life where, when I asked for a croissant with jam for breakfast, instead of being served a croissant with a jar with jam or an individual bottle of jam, I got it cut in the middle with a transparent layer of jam. And what about the pleasure of having a lot of jam…

Well, let’s be objective. The rate of Foursquare is 8.9/10.

To put a long story short, let’s revise the SWOT analysis.


  1. Enhanced concept of a breakfast bar
  2. High level of traceability
  3. Located within the core known for quality cafés
  4. Reasonable web positioning
  5. WiFi


  1. Open kitchen gives smell to the hall
  2. Lack of space order creates a feeling of lousiness
  3. Good intentions left inactive (Twitter, web interaction)
  4. Kitchen is closed in the mid-day
  5. Few tables and many people with laptops


  1. Register on Tripadvisor to reach new guests
  2. More activity on Foursquare and Facebook.
  3. Separate the kitchen with a glass to show more order
  4. Promote “to-go” offers as the place is small


  1. Successful competition
  2. Attitude of waiters

I hope that the review can give you something to consider.

Next time, we’ll talk about Starbucks in Barcelona, whether it proved to be a success or not, and the way it is different from other countries.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Custodi says:

    Dear Tatiana, I carefully followed your contributions to your blog. Notable analysis and observations you made about Alsur Coffee, Brunch & cake, coffee and Tarannà Federal coffee. I confess that besides being interesting to read your findings, is useful for improving my English. It may be a good argument for our English class appointment this afternoon in Starsbucks. Congratulatons.
    see you

    1. Dear Custodi, Thank you so much for your feedback! Your opinion is very important for me. This week I´ll check out the coffee shops that you have recommended! 🙂

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