Buenas migas, Barcelona

Buenas migasWelcome back from holidays! I hope these days were filled with joy and happy smiles.

My previous review was dedicated to implementation of the concept of the international chain of coffee shops “Starbucks” on the Spanish market.

Today, we’ll analize the concept of a chain of Italian restaurants (focaccerias) in Barcelona – “Buenas migas”.

http://www.buenasmigas.com/, https://www.facebook.com/buenasmigas, https://mobile.twitter.com/buenasmigas

At the moment, the chain is comprised of 11 stores. The majority of them are located in big shopping malls. The rest – in areas with dense flow of tourists.

Here are some reviews of the stores:


To being with, let’s see the market position of “Buenas migas”.

“Buenas migas” is a focacceria that offers a mixture of Ligurian and Cornish products, which represent the origins of its founders.
Its aim is to offer products that taste as good as home-made and are made according to delicious traditional recipes.

Given the number of stores, it goes without saying that the concept has proved to be a success.

However, let’s consider its strong and weak points.

A clear and exact definition of the concept makes it understandable and approachable to everyone.

Besides, a reference to an Italian style bakery suggests reasonable and affordable prices.

A simple interior design with warm colors and wooden furniture, open products displays, accessibility of supplemental products and self-service make every store a piece of home. And delicious smell of pastry emphasizes the feeling.Buenas migas

I would like to congratulate the management team of the chain with its great positioning on the Internet.

“Buenas migas” has a perfectly defined position and is more active and coherent on the Social media than any other Spanish concept that has been considered so far.

Moreover, the latest promotion of “4 reasons to come: breakfast, lunch, teatime and supper” insure a continuous flow of customers throughout the day, which is the key challenge of any restaurant or a coffee shop.

The last but not the least strong point is WiFi that is available in every store. Even though a password provides you with access of 30 minutes only.

Given all the strong points, the concept has still some faults in its implementation.

The first one, which is the most common whip of every single HoReCa store, is service.

Even though the only store that is listed on TripAdvisor has 4,5/5, the more accurate and flexible Foursquare where all the stores are listed, shows that the quality varies from 6,6 to 8,1.
Such a significant different proves a lack of control or a lack of the service standard.

Another disadvantage that should be indicated is poor presentation of products. Focaccias have a delicious smell and taste, but in most cases they don’t look delicious at all! Salads, pasta and desserts repeat the fault.
Better supervision could definitely solve the problem and improve reviews’ rate.

Let’s sum all mentioned above in a short SWOT:

1. Clear definition of the concept
2. Consistent quality of products
3. Great online positioning
4. Strategic locations

1. Inconsistent quality of service
2. Unattractive look of some products
3. Stores are sometimes messy

1. Weaknesses are manageable
2. Potential for expansion
3. Distinct positioning from competition

1. Increase in competition
2. Failure to manage weaknesses
3. Low expansion control.

To sum it up, “Buenas Migas” is a great concept and its management does a great job that can be learnt from.

However, with all authenticity of the concept, it resembles that of a chain of bakeries of a Belgic origin, “Le pain Quotidienne”, that opened its first store in Barcelone on August, 29, 2012.

More about it next time. 🙂


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