Cornelia and Co, Barcelona

CorneliaOne of the promising concepts existing now on the market in Barcelona is a store-café.

There are several stores that are worth visiting, i.e. Cornelia and Co, Woki Organic Market and la Botiga.

Today we are going to consider the implementation of a “store-café” concept in Cornelia and Co.

Cornelia and Co ( positions itself as a Daily Picnic Store.

Storage shelves and fridges with healthy products and wine bottles are mixed with baskets with freshly baked bread; delicious desserts, tapas and hand-made pasta are exhibited on bar and kitchen-table-like stands.

The store seems to be more active and business-like than quit and relaxed.

One can enjoy breakfast, brunch or dinner in Cornelia, but these are more lunches and afterwork drinks with colleagues or friends that the store best fits for.

Positioning of the store in social media is really worth mentioning as an example of great efforts taken to keep up the flow of guests and to keep in touch with regular customers.Cornelia

On its facebook page ( the store continuously publishes not only the information about products sold and meals offers, but also links with possible topics of interest.

Its active position on Twitter ( is marked with timely offers (like a lunch promotion at tweeted at 12) and actual interaction with followers (thanks for joining, asking for feedback)

This entertaining and capturing approach can serve as a reference for many businesses existing on the market.

Besides, it is worth mentioning that the store manages to keep up to an acceptable level of service, which is a problem of the majority of stores that have been reviewed so far in the blog.

Despite a low grading, 3,5/5, on Tripadvisor ( ), it´s grade on a more acute to changes Foursquare is 8,6/10 ( which only proves continuous improvement of the store.

It is slightly more expensive than average cafés, about 10-15%, but its quality performance serves as a justification.

CorneliaHowever, with all the advantages mentioned above, lack of coziness and the “in-store” atmosphere can make you a daily customer if you work around, but otherwise it is only once in a long while that it appeals to go and stay there.

To keep up to the traditional scheme of reviews, let´s make a SWOT analysis of the concept


  1. Quality products served and sold. Interpromotion
  2. Great positioning opportunities
  3. Quick turnover of guests


  1. Lack of coziness
  2. Dependence on “office hours”
  3. No wifi


  1. More comfort can result in higher bill
  2. Delivery
  3. New stores as the concept is in vogue


  1. Deterioration of quality, especially in service

In my personal point of view, this concept has a lot of growth and success perspectives upon careful implementation.

A distantly similar concept that is currently putting on weight on the market will be reviewed in the next blog entry. 😉


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