Restaurant review: Buenos Aires. Introduction

BartolaIn the following entries I will describe some of the most successful concepts existing on the market of Buenos Aires.
However, to begin with, here comes a general overview.
Once you arrive to Buenos Aires and go out for a coffee or to eat something, you are astonished by the number of places to choose from, each with its own personality and a well-thought concept.
Depending on the district, cafes tend to get more casual (Palermo Soho), more traditional (Recoleta) or more modern (Puerto Madero). It’s very generic though.
Among most common concepts of cafes, you can distinguish the following:
– heladerias, ice-cream stores that offer a great variety of tastes and sell ice-cream not by scoops, but by kilos, the most common size is 250 ml!image
– parrilladas, traditional meat restaurants with the widest variety of types of meat.
– market cafes, that combine a market or a store and a coffee shop
– tea houses, traditional tea salons with very traditional service
– deli stores with a wide range of facturas (pastry), medialunas (croissants) and alfajores
– pizza stores. Both with traditional thick pizzas with a lot of filling and thin dough pizzas
imageBesides, it is worth mentioning that Starbucks enjoys great popularity not only with tourists but with locals as well. Given that the overall quality of coffee is still low and prices for it are pretty high. Thus, Starbucks perfectly meets expectations.
It is obvious everywhere that people are keen on trying new things and are open to experiments. A recently opened place enjoys as many guests as a traditional one, which makes this market probably one of the most vivid for new ideas to implement.image
Apart from that, prices are generally reasonable and eating out is a common habit.
Check upcoming reviews for a more detailed description of the best I find.


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