Pizza in Buenos Aires

Welcome back on an exciting tour of discovering taste and delicious restaurant concepts.

imageIn my last post, I gave an introduction to the interesting restaurant ideas that I came across in Buenos Aires. It was a while ago though. Time flies, but memories of delicious experiences remain.

So what was the most impressive?

I could never have thought that pizza in Argentina could be as a national dish as meat or dulce de leche. A common dish as it may sound, it turned out to have a lot to explore. Pizza stores and restaurants are numerous and diverse. Even in Italy it is difficult to find so many types of pizzas!

However, among this diversity some stores stand out for their original pizza styles and restaurant concepts. These are: Kentucky, Almacén de pizzas and Señor Telmo.

Let me tell you about each of them in detail.

Kentucky. A chain of Traditional Argentinian Pizzas by Piece.

Founded in 1942, Kentucky offers traditional Argentinian pizza with thick dough and a lot of filling.

imageThe focus of each restaurant is pizza, and only pizza. In fact, just a few pizzas. Quality of every piece is impecable.

At the same time, stores have a very simple design with a huge pizza oven in the center and various tables.

Take a note, eating at the bar or take away is cheaper than sitting at a table!

Service in Kentucky is not its strongest point, which is not a typical thing to find in Argentina with high standard customer service.

However, Kentucky invests a lot of effort in building a close connection with their customers that is carried out through Social Media.

imageA completely different type of pizza is offered by Almacén de pizzas. Its slogan used to be: A new concept of pizza.

These stores offer thin pizza grilled on stones. In fact, a wide variety of delicious pizzas.

Almacén de pizzas has both little take away stores and pizza restaurants. Thus, there always exists a choice of whether to enjoy eating out experience or have your pizza delivered.

This chain has one of the most efficient online communication: it has more than 36 000 fans and receive a high response to their daily posts.

As for service, restaurants have high-end attention with traditional approach. However, a few restaurants have good luck to provide consistent service quality as you can see in the following reviews:én-de-pizzas/4c5c42c17735c9b68bbf8b72

There is another conclusion one can arrive at judging by the reviews: the new is not always the best. However, it is the experience and variety that counts at the moment.

As for the bank cards mentions, it is generally true for Argentina at the moment. If you have a Visa, you have more chances to pay with a card than with a MasterCard.

imageAnother type of pizza you can find in Argentina is Pizza a la Parilla.

Make sure to try it at a traditional place to get the best taste. I would recommend Señor Telmo.

This pizza restaurant boasts traditional Neapoletan recipes of its pizza.

Delicious and crusty pizza is served straight on the Parilla that keeps it warm while you are enjoying it.

Very simple and tango oriented interior reflects the spirit of the district and makes the restaurant an inseperable part of it.

Traditional service and family atmosphere make your meal a cosy and relaxing experience.

However, it is important to mention, that this is the district of pick-pockets. Therefore, every chair in the restaurant has a hook to keep your property safe.

It is a little, but a very thoughtful element, isn’t it?

Here you can find some reviews of the restaurant:ñor-telmo/4fd22ff3e4b0f62cda66c697

Delicious as it is, pizza is an imprescindible part of your trip around Argentina.

The best recommendation that one can give is try as many varieties as you can. Your experience will definitely be delightful!

These are just a few tips about the gastronomic profile of Buenos Aires.

Next time, I’ll share some freshly baked and brewed experiences with you.

Have a wonderful day!


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