Coffee shops in Buenos Aires

Welcome back to our delicious trip.image

Someone said, “Tastes differ”.
However, whatever the differences are, Buenos Aires has something for everyone.

Today I’ll share some coffee shop discoveries with you.

Do you enjoy a delicious breakfast out? Or maybe just a coffee and a dessert as a break on a hectic day?

Though, coffee is not the specialty of Buenos Aires yet, there are some places where you can have a cup of decent coffee.

Nevertheless, desserts are fantastic! Truly, sincerely they are.

I would define three major coffee shops concepts for a wider spectrum of taste experience.

The first one is “Grand Café”.

These are traditional, French style cafés with a long history.

You can choose between La Biela and Café Tabac.
Unfortunately, Tabac doesn’t have a web page. Well, it is a very traditional café.

La Biela is located in the heart of Recoleta, just in front of one of the widest trees you could see in you life. Meanwhile, Café Tabac overlooks a busy Avenue of Libertador.

Both cafés are a great place to enjoy a traditional breakfast with great medialunas (spongy croissants) and facturas (pastry) with a daily newspaper. Make sure to ask for extra dulce de leche. They will always bring it with a happy smile!

For a break during the day, you can have a typical three layer sandwich. Fizzy water is served for free as a complement of the house.

Other than desserts, both cafés offer great dishes of Argentinian traditional cuisine.

Here you can find some references of the places. Keep in mind, that Tripadvisor reviews tend to be more historic, than current:

imageIf you prefer a more authentic and relaxed atmosphere, you would love a Pastisserie of Voulez bar.

This coffee shop has an impressive offer of cakes, pastry and desserts!

It is more of a rustic, artisanal store. Its prices are almost a half of those of “Grand Cafés”.

However, quality of bread, pastry and coffee is as great. But you don’t live the experience of the first concept.

The Voulez bar offers special breakfast formulas that match the majority of needs: Healthy, Complete or American breakfast.

Whenever you have a breakfast with bacon and eggs, coffee, toasts and an orange juice, it is most likely to be called American.

Service is great and the best advantage is that the waiters try to remember all the names and they recognize you if you come back. Then it feels like home, sweet home.

Here are some reviews to compare:

For a more casual and international breakfast spot, try Farinelli. image

Run by two Colombian chefs, the coffee shop offers the best scones and pain au chocolat in Buenos Aires! Another specialty of them are smoothies!

If you desperately want something that is not on the list, you can ask the chef and chances are high that you will get it!

Besides, during lunch time, you can enjoy a very healthy lunch which is a pure discovery of delicious still healthy taste.

This is the place that dedicates a lot of time to its social media marketing. And we discovered it through Foursquare and were more than happy.

On the photo here, you can see what a happy breakfast means!

In the following reviews you will find some negative feedbacks that are more related to the size of the place than the quality of its food and service, which I consider to be unfair for the overall evaluation of the store. Guys do make a great effort to make a little place be cosy.

Before closing this review, I’ll give just two last tips:

imageFor the best dulce de leche experience, go to La Salamandra (Dulce de Leche bar).

imageFor the best coffee in Buenos Aires, go to the market of San Telmo. There in the middle, you will find a coffee store Coffee Town, just a little stand with the best coffee by far! The owners of the stand roast coffee themselves.

There is so much more to tell about food discoveries of Buenos Aires, but I’ll keep them for the next trip.

At the moment, I wish you Good luck and next time welcome back to Barcelona.


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