Taste of Argentina in Barcelona. Vinya Rosa

Welcome back on a delicious tour of exploring the world of taste. 

After returning to Barcelona, still enchanted with the irresistible cuisine of Argentina, I couldn’t help trying to find a place to experience the same taste of dishes as that in Buenos Aires.

Sometimes wishes are worth being shared. After asking several friends about what place has the best Argentinian cuisine in Barcelona, I ended up in Vinya Rosa.image


Before telling you about the restaurant itself, it is worth mentioning that it forms a part of a group that specializes in importing Argentinian products to Barcelona. There are two restaurants and several deli stores where you can buy meat of Argentinian cut, Argentinian wines, alfajores, and even Cachafaz! The best discovery I could even imagine as this brand has the best alfajores we could find in Buenos Aires. Well, artisanal alfajores standing apart as they are not to be compared with factory-manufactured. 


Obviously, the restaurant that has the best products is expected to have dishes of an outstanding quality. 

Vinya Rosa complies with expectations of delicious meat experience, such as vacio, bife de chorizo and many more  and of different regions! image

Another typically Argentinian specialty is desserts! 

Can there be a meal considered to be a success without a delicious dessert? Well, at least not for me. 

You can go for alfajores, unfortunately, here you can only find Havanna, which is not bad, but far not Cachafaz, or a mouth-watering chocolate cake with dulce de leche, or traditional pancakes with dulce de leche!

imageWine list has Argentinian specialties and some local Spanish names.

The interior design makes the restaurant cosy, comfortable and somehow intimate, when you can enjoy a talk or have business negotiations in a little hall.

However, as you can see in the feedbacks on the common restaurant reviews webs, it has one big problem, English… 



Well, English is not the most spoken language in Barelona, despite the intense tourist flow. Not speaking of German or Russian or Chinese. 

The trick that you can use is to ask for the menu – “la carta” – which is available in English and Russian, read it well and make your choice.

Besides, it is useful to know the following degrees of meat cooking: image

– al punto: raw
– medio hecho: medium done
– bien hecho: well done.

If you remember these few phrases and rely more on the menu, you can have a great meal without technically speaking Spanish. 

Besides, waiters make every effort to compensate this lack with their smiles and happy attitude.

And remember, Barcelona has a splendid range of restaurants for every taste! 

Next time, I’ll tell you about a restaurant that always surprises you with their daily offers as there is no fixed menu per se! 

Have a wonderful evening! 


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