Restaurant Review: Alsur Café (2)

CoffeeThey say that it is impossible to enter the same river twice. But is it true for a review?

What if your perception doesn’t change, but you feel that you can better express yourself as with the time you improve the way your write?

What happens when inspiration meets the urge for self-improvement?

Well, let’s see if it’s worth an effort. You are welcome to check out my first review of Alsur Café, that was, in fact, my first review ever written. All your comments are more than welcome!

Alsur Café

Twitter: @alsurcafebcn

Being quite a complex concept to describe, Alsur Café meets its promise: Lo que quieras, cuando quieras (Whatever you want. Whenever)

Freshly brewed coffee from an exclusive brand mix, delicious Spanish tapas and specialties of Venezuelan and Argentinian cuisines, sparkling cocktails, homemade cakes and desserts, these are only a few components of Alsur Café. Moreover, all these components are at your disposal all day round. You decide what you feel like at any given moment.

What else?

It’s up to you if you want to stay out on a sunny terrace in a small square or inside; at a big table to share, a traditional table or in a chill-out zone with sofas; with service or self-service.

You can stay connected with WiFi or get disconnected.

It’s a place to come with your couple, family, friends or alone. Whatever you prefer.

Venezuelan tequeñosWhat would I recommend to try?

My preferences remain unchanged since the first time I went there. Even though the menu is refreshed every six months, specialties never change. And these are the most delicious things to try.

I always go for tequeños (Venezuelan melted cheese sticks) and alfajores (Argentinian pastry with dulce de leche).

Given that there are two slightly different cafés, they have different best times to visit.

My favourite time to go to Alsur Café (Palau), just in front of Palau de la Música Catalana, is breakfast. It is the place to begin a happy day. You can choose one of the options: healthy, French and Argentinian and set a mood for your day. Coffee, yogurt, croissant

Whereas, Sunday brunch is definitely my time of Alsur Café (El Born). Its eggs Benedict and a tower of pancakes are irresistible.

Anyway, you can come at any time of the day and get whatever you feel like.

Let’s say, you are more of a busy bar ambience, your time would be evenings or nights, that both places get crowded then.

Here you can find some more reviews:

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Any last tip?

CoffeeCheck the wall at the entrance of Alsur Café (El Born) as it always has some interesting phrases that make you smile.

As for Alsur Café (Palau), sit by the window to watch people passing by Palau de la Música, it’s always entertaining to see admiration of impressed tourists and appreciation of locals.

Have a beautiful day and welcome to Barcelona.

PS. Next week I’ll tell you about my new delicious discovery. So, stay tuned! 😉


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