Burger Joints in Barcelona

Welcome back on this delicious tour.

Castle of BegurOn my last trip up Costa Brava, we ended up in Begur, an amazingly beautiful little town with its castle. (http://www.begur.cat/turisme/eng/index.php

Even though it was overflooded with tourists like every summer, it still seemed to retain its medieval charm. Random as it was, we even had some traditional restaurants on the list to visit that were recommended by friends.

However, due to unfriendly timetable of traditional places, we ended up in the least expected restaurant type – a burger joint “Burger-station”. 

Well-implemented, interesting concept of a train station with gourmet burgers to take away, it made me think about this trend in general.

To tell the truth, I should admit that burger joints is one of the top trends on the market of Barcelona over the last years.Delicious burger

Back in 2000s, anyone who wanted to have a decent burger had to go to a Hard Rock Cafe or put up with whatever was served in McDonalds.

Evidently, a lot has changed since then. Burger joints are in vogue now. The majority of start-up restaurants and cafes are likely to be focused on burgers or at least to have burgers on the menu.

Why has that happened? When did burgers turn from a fast food dish generally related to obesity into a  casual healthy lifestyle product?

Perhaps, the change came with quality. In fact, an outstanding quality. 

Some of those start-ups offer outstanding quality of meat and bread and boast well-implemented original ideas. Intestingly, some of them come from Australia. 

Moreover, the concept of a burger joint in itself seems to be pretty easy to design: a variety of burgers, soft drinks and classic side dishes, like French fries and some salad. This simplicity makes it attractive for entrepreneurs.

Burger without breadHowever, it is the quality of products that comes to the front and boosts future success of the store.
At the moment, there are several stores that can be recommended to go to for a delicious burger. 

El Petit Burger. http://www.petitburger.es

Its slogan is “Hamburgers with a fork and a knife”. It is a little restaurant focused on burgers. It offers quality burgers served “a la carte”. Nothing of fast food. 

There are three types of burgers with four positions in each category to choose from: Classic, Contemporary and Gourmet.

On Thursdays you can enjoy a burger and a gin tonic offer.

It’s better to come around the opening hour or make a reservation as the place is really small.

Here are some reviews: 


Another very popular burger joint is Kiosko. http://www.kioskoburger.com/, 

Kiosko positions itself as a “Gourmet burgers in Barcelona”.

In fact, it is one of the first places dedicated to burgers in Barcelona. It used to be an Asian restaurant that started to lose its customers. At that moment, its owners decided to rebrand the place and turn it into a self-service burger store. Since then, the store is packed most of the time, which is the best sign of the concept’s success. 

So, what is so special about the place?

Let’s see. Customers are served at the stand. Prior to the cashier, they are asked to fill in the form ticking the burger they want, supplements, side salad or French fries. The order form has all the possible options and doesn’t require the customer to comment the order. Once the order is made and paid for, the customer receives a stick with a number on it and takes a seat. Drinks are served at once at the cashier. When the burger is ready, it is served. The customer is responsible to take the dishes away and separate dishes from rests of food and napkins. 

To sum it up, efficient organization and minimal service, make the customer flow high and help to keep prices low.

It is worth mentioning that Kiosko has really good reviews:


One of the recent burger joints opened in Barcelona is Makamaka.Makamaka http://www.makamaka.es/, 

It is a “Beach burger cafe”
Makamaka is one of the stores that has a considerable growth potential due to several reasons.
It has a great idea of a beach burger bar that perfectly matches its location, next to the beach with two big terraces. 
Easy order system and fast service make you feel comfortable. 
Besides burgers, another specialty of the café is cocktails. You can even order a jar of your favourite cocktail to share.
Light background music makes it a perfect place to chill-out.

Here are some reviews:


Among other burger joints that I would recommend in Barcelona, I would mention the following:

Hard Rock Cafe http://www.hardrock.com/, 

One of the most traditional places to go for a burger. Still worth visiting.


El Filete Ruso http://www.elfileteruso.com/

Gourmet burgers. Slow food concept.


Pim Pam Burger http://www.pimpamburger.com/, 

Modern American Restaurant 


Well, so many places. All of them are worth visiting though.

I hope you would enjoy this “burger tour” and see you next time.

Have a beautiful evening. 


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