New Brunch Spot – Travel&Cake

Welcome and ¡enhorabuena!

Main entrance to Travel&Cake
Main entrance to Travel&Cake
I am so happy to share this great news with you: Cup&cake opened their new store – Travel&Cake.

Barcelona now has a new place to have delicious brunches at!

You can call me a freak, but just in one year I’ve been to Brunch&Cake,  the second store of cup&cake more than 100 times, not counting another 40 of Cup&Cake itself. I guess the reason for celebration is clear now.Travel&Cake counter

So, what is it so special about this new coffee shop?

Well, it keeps all the typical characteristics of its predecessors. It has generally white and wood interior with minimum decorations. Just a few flower bouquets. It is very spacious so far, let’s see if new tables appear later with an increase in people flow. Its huge windows let a lot of light in. A few little tables at the windows satisfy the most desperate for a terrace. 

Travel&Cake donuts As for coffee, it is still impeccable Magnifico! And what is the most important of all is the fact that guys who work here are those that used to work in Brunch&Cake. Therefore, being in a new place, you can still get your favourite coffee just the way you like it! 

Pastry offer is as great as always. However, this time you have a wide choice of donuts. And some of the best-selling delicious cakes. No cupcakes spotted so far, so we’ll see. 

My donut and coffee
My donut and coffee

Given the fact that Travel&Cake is a brunch spot, it features eggs Benedict, bagels and porridge in its menu. Sounds tempting, isn’t it? Besides, kitchen is open, so you can check your eggs being cooked.

Hopefully, service remains at its best. 

There is just one little problem though… No WiFi. Which means, you can talk to each other.

So, welcome and enjoy! 

Good luck, Travel&Cake! 


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