Somodó. A perfect autumn retreat

Welcome back on a delicious journey!

Autumn has eventually arrived and spirits of comfort, coziness and peace are in full spring. 

On a chilly, windy day, an exquisite and delicious meal is more of a need than indulgence. 

Somodo Barcelona
Somodo Barcelona
Leaving noise and rush behind, a lunch in a little restaurant of Somodó brings a feeling of balance and beauty to a daily routine. 

Somodó is different from a typical Japanese restaurant or noisy kaiten that used to be in vogue a while ago and are still numerous in Barcelona. 

Conceptually, Somodó is a Japanese restaurant with a Mediterranean touch. More of a mix of a Japanese and molecular cuisine as it seems to me.

It’s a little space for about 30 people that has a very pure, almost minimalistic, still well-balanced design. 

Crunchy pork
Crunchy pork

Balance is the word that best describes everything about it: design, food, service, spirit.

To keep this balance, the chef offers little choice. Thus, in a lunch menu that includes 4 dishes, you can only choose a main dish and a dessert, while both have only two options. 

Is it worth it? Definitely! It’s an experience to live. 

Cod SodomóDelicious, exquisite taste achieved through unusual combinations and interpretations of common dishes is the key strength of a shy, politely smiling shef. A beautiful presentation of each dish that resembles a piece of art, ensures that one doesn’t only enjoy taste in itself, but also experiences visual delight. 

Whether you go for a crunchy pork or a cod that dissolves on your tongue, if you prefer a semifredo with strawberry soup or a cottage cheese mousse with mango, you will be surprised at its perfectly balanced touch of taste.

Mousse de mato
Mousse de mato

It might seem that dishes are small, but you should trust the chef, you will be pleasantly full without feeling that you have eaten too much. Just perfectly enough.

This very professional and passionate attitude to taste and great service result in high reviews of the restaurant in every media. Here are some examples:

Semifredo with strawberry sauce
Semifredo with strawberry sauce
Given that the place is small, and has two courses a day, it doesn’t have a high flow of people. Neither it needs it. However, those who discovered it for themselves, are sure to come back. Thus, it’s always a good idea to book a table. 

I would say, Somodó is a restaurant to go on a special occasion, like an autumn day, when you linger for some comfort and balance in your life.

Hope you enjoy it!

As for the next review, it is going to be about a delicious restaurant in Madrid! Stay tuned! 


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