The oldest restaurant in the world: Botín.

Welcome back on a delicious journey and “saludos desde Madrid”!A bear with a strawberry tree

Do you know what restaurant is registered in the Guinness book of Records as the oldest restaurant in the world?

It is Restaurant Botín that was built in Madrid in 1725 and since then boasts an outstanding suckling pig and lamb roasted in the old Castilian way in a wood fired oven built the same year the restaurant was founded.

Interior of BotínIncredible and delicious as it sounds, it was an irresistible temptation to go and check it out. 

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that you should call and book a table in advance. Even though the queue goes fast, it’s always better to be on a safe side. If you have a choice, ask for a table in a basement to see food being roasted in the old authentic wood oven – it is an experience to live on its own.

To put a long story short, Botín is a traditional restaurant in every way you can think of. Its interior design seems to remain unchanged over years, only photos are being accumulated on the walls. The same is true for its service and food. You get a traditional short menu to choose from that will be presented to you by a middle aged waiter or by a maître, something that is really unusual for Spain these days. Menu of Botín

It is obvious that a suckling pig or a lamb is a must to try. Otherwise, you can go to any of numerous restaurants in Madrid. If you come with a group of friends, your lamb or a piglet will be served as an entire animal, just from the fire, and you will serve yourself the piece that you wish. If you are just a couple, you will get a big and mouth-watering plate like this.

Lamb roasted in a wood ovenAnother specialty of the place, that turned out to be a specialty of Madrid, is that bread is served in little buns, unlike pieces of a big loaf typical of Barcelona. 

As for wine, you can choose from a nice wine list that includes all the best wines of Spain. But to live the experience of rustic cuisine, go for a house wine. It is really worth giving it a try.

While you are sitting in a place, looking around, you can notice that the place is filled with locals and tourists and that service is very efficient and quick. Once someone leaves, somebody else takes a place. This is what can be called a true success. This is the case when the old knows its way through. Bread and wine

In my opinion, Botín is a very efficient restaurant with a long history lying ahead. Even though not every customer would agree that the service is impeccable, the majority still do. And, as you know, tastes differ.

Here you can find more customers reviews:

Being a grand restaurant, Botín has a nice selection of desserts to finish your meal. 

If you are staying several days in Madrid, you can try them. 

However, if you are short of time, I would recommend you to finish your meal in a different place that has the best coffee in the city. 

What is the place? Stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about it in the following review.

Enjoy your day! 


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