Best coffee in Madrid: Toma Café.

Just a perfect cup of coffeeWelcome back and this time as I’ve promised in my previous post, I’ll tell you about the best coffee in Madrid. 

From my point of view, there is no meal without a delicious dessert and a cup of fresh made coffee. 

Therefore, after having a delicious lamb in Botín, we went searching for a place to have a coffee and a dessert. 

Toma CaféBesides being a capital of Spain, Madrid is a city of great restaurant concepts. However, coffee shops are still not its specialty. 

After intensive searches on Foursquare and asking some local friends for their recommendations, we ended up in Toma Café.

If you enjoy a cup of great coffee, it is a place to go. Definitely. Undoubtedly. Why?

Let’s begin with a fact that its owner actually roasts coffee himself. He can tell you everything about coffee, from the moment a grain is planted to the moment it is grinded to make a perfect cup of coffee. 

Secondly, the expertise of baristas of Toma Café is so high that they organize workshops to promote coffee culture in Madrid. It seems to be a great idea to me, as I believe that it’s always best to share your knowledge and promote awareness. Coffee list of Toma Café

Thirdly, though, the place itself is more meant to be a place for a coffee to take away, it is still nicely organized for those who wish to sit in. It’s a sort of minimalistic comfort style.

Its coffee machine is worth mentioning apart. La Marzzoco Strada is an impeccable tool to make outstanding coffee.

La Marzocco StradaAs coffee goes best with something delicious, you have a nice choice of cakes. Try chocolate-banana non-flour cake for the best experience. Besides, as the owner is Argentinian, you can try the best pastry that Argentina has to offer – alfajores. 

And the last, but not the least, everyone who works in Toma Café is sincerely passionate about coffee which is the best guarantee of quality. 

If you wish to learn more, here you can find some reviews of Toma Café:

Toma Café PostcardHowever, though Toma Café is a perfect coffee place, some still prefer a more comfortable environment.

For those who enjoy sitting down with a magazine or a laptop while having a cup of coffee, there is good news!

In a couple of blocks away from Toma Café, there was opened a Federal Café of Barcelona.

If you were in Federal Café in Barcelona, this is exactly what you will find in Madrid. An exact replica. Those who haven’t visited this café in Barcelona, one of my first reviews was dedicated to it. It is important to say that its service has significantly improved. 😉 Thus, it is worth visiting. 

Moreover, I can’t but share with you my happy experience of Federal Café in Madrid. 

Federal Café. MadridJust imagine, you arrive to a new city and go to a coffee shop where baristas remember you since you met them in Barcelona and make your favourite coffee without you having to explain it to them. What can be better than that? 

Let’s call it a day for now. 🙂 

In my next post I’ll tell you about the best restaurant in Zaragoza. A restaurant that leaves a tasty impression that lasts. 

I wish you a wonderful evening and leave you with this entertaining video:



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