Marketing Projects: Introduction.

InspirationI love marketing.
It is an amazing tool of inspiring people and making them see new facets of Taste.
It sincerely fascinates me how an idea, a perception of the world, can find its implementation in so many ways, always unique depending on the audience; how closely interrelate technology and design; how social and open and accessible the world becomes.
Every step of working on a project implies challenging the status quo, disrupting a current perception, expanding established horizons.
Even though I enjoy every second of this mix of creative and analytical work, still, the most exciting moment for me is launching a project.
It is like watching a dream coming true.
It is giving a part of your heart to the world, because you relate to project, give your passion and love to it. In fact, you live it.
This post is just a beginning of a beautiful story to follow.
At the moment, I am leaving you with a hint of the first project I’ll share with you. 🙂
Sharing is caring
So stay tuned and Follow The Taste.


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