Delicious discovery: Taberna la Piedra, Zaragoza

Happy holidays and good luck on your journey of discovering the taste.

Happy New YearWe are living a wonderful moment when joy is in the air with so many reasons to celebrate: Magic Christmas, New Year with its promise of the best to come, Los Reyes and their gifts. 

Whatever the reason is, we all get some time to spare.

For many people a free moment is perfect for exploring the world around: whether it means setting out for a journey, or just going to a new place, or doing something for the first time.

What if you go on a trip? How do you choose what restaurant or a café to go to in a place you don’t know? There are so many guides, and apps and blogs, beside personal recommendations. What do you prefer? 

Well, that´s a story of a journey. A very delicious one indeed.

PiedritasWhenever I go traveling, I tend to choose Foursquare to get ideas of places to eat in. Why? It is very agile and up-to-date and has a great database that is very easy to use.

However, it is not so widely used in Zaragoza, Spain, yet. And that was the city we were driving through on a lunch hour. Hunger doesn’t let you much time to spare, does it? 🙂

In this case, we were practically saved by TripAdvisor. 

We were really lucky to discover what can be called one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to so far.

The delicious discovery was “Taberna la Piedra”.Foie and Pomegranate salad

It may sound a little exaggerated, but it was like a perfect lunch unfolding for us.

The owner of the restaurant was attending tables that day so it may be one of the reasons of this success. However, I believe that the passion he has for food and service inspires his employees. 

ArtichokesThe place is quite small, so it´s always better to book a table. We were lucky to arrive a little early, so we could get the last available table.

Though we had some tips about dishes to try, like piedritas (baked potatoes) and meat (any type of it, actually), we were interested in his recommendation. And it was a great one. Just enough for four adults to enjoy their meal with a wide choice of tastes. Our lunch consisted of: a delicious salad with foie and pomegranate, baked artichokes, piedritas, irresistible meat and mascarpone flan. 

What we enjoyed the most, was preparing our meat ourselves on hot stones served. We prefer different degrees of cooking meat, so everyone got what he/she preferred. Meat on frying pan

The whole meal we felt entertained by the owner who was telling us jokes or little stories to introduce every dish.

That was a perfect lunch that made us think that it would probably be worth it doing all those kilometres again to enjoy another delicious meal.

Has it ever happened to you? Do you have a place you would travel for? I hope so. 

As for me, “Taberna la Piedrita” is a perfect example of how passion turns into success. As the saying goes, “do what you love, and you will succeed”.

My passion is discovering a delicious world! 🙂 

Have a wonderful one! 


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