Brunch spot in Barcelona: The Benedict

Welcome back on a delicious journey of discovering the world of taste.

Every time I get to writing, I am wondering what is your favourite type of a café? Or a restaurant? This is a question difficult to respond with certainty, isn’t it?

The truth is that nowadays there are so many different concepts on the market that you can think of a favourite spot for every occasion, or maybe even several places.

Eggs BenedictOne of my favourite categories is “Brunch Spot”. No wonder since I love having breakfast out and I always enjoy a morning cup of fresh coffee.

One of the reasons is that a well-implemented brunch spot is usually casual, with great coffee, delicious desserts and morning food. However, no matter how great a spot is, sometimes you might feel like discovering something new.

The most common way of discovering a new place is by passing it by and getting attracted by its atmosphere and a pastry stand. Besides, Foursquare is a great tool too.

However, this discovery was made thanks to a local blog:

It is well-written, well-structured and Claudia shows a great ability to observe and describe. Thanks to her tasty description of the Benedict, we decided to check it out. It was in December. We liked it.

But why am I writing about it in January? It’s simple.

The BenedictThe first time we went to the Benedict, it appeared to be a decent brunch spot. However, nothing special.

Now that we decided to give it a second try, changes and improvements were so obvious that I couldn’t but write about it and share this discovery with you.

So, what is there about the Benedict:

Pancakes BenedictDo you enjoy a complete American breakfast? Or English? Are you a fan of eggs Benedict? And some delicious pancakes with maple syrup? Do you fancy a Mimosa for a Sunday brunch? If it sounds like you, the Benedict is the place to go.

Justifying its name, it offers 3 types of eggs Benedict. All of them delicious. The sauce could be a bit less bitter, but the dish makes up for it.

Being a Brunch spot, the Benedict has all typical breakfast food on the list: pancakes with maple syrup and Greek yogurt, French toasts, sandwiches, even burgers. Moreover, both English and American breakfast sets are properly thought of and presented.

If you love coffee, ask for a big cup, it is worth it!

The BenedictA special bonus is its enchanting atmosphere of an English country club.

Sounds delicious, isn’t it?

So what are the changes that were made?

The Benedict is the first project of its owners and it took the team some time to figure their way through and gain confidence.

With several months of experience, dishes come out more refined and service is impeccable while being relaxed.

Besides, a highly personal approach and the ability to recognise people who have already come and return, makes you feel like home. What else would you wish for your brunch to be perfect?

If you wish to get more opinions, check here:

Burger The BenedictTo put a long story short, I just want to remind you that tomorrow is Sunday! And what sounds more Sunday than Brunch? 😉

Make sure to book a table in advance since the place is quite small and gets full quickly.

Do you have a favourite Brunch spot that you believe is worth discovering? Let me know, please! It´s always exciting to discover the world of taste around! Thank you so much in advance!!!

Have a wonderful one!!!!

P.S. for those who wonder what´s coming next… I live in Barcelona. A city that loves jamon… 😉


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Claudia says:

    Hi there!
    I’m touched by what you wrote about my blog in this post 🙂 Thanks a lot! I’m happily adding your blog to my blog roll and if someday you fancy a coffee, just let me know! 😉

    1. Hi Claudia! Definitely! What about breakfast on Friday?

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