My painting: Santorini


Welcome back on a journey of discovering Taste. This post is dedicated to Taste for Art.

How many times can one fall in love? Is it possible to fall in love over and over again? With the same person, city, work of art? Is love always a source of inspiration?

These are rhetoric questions that I wonder about without arriving to any definite conclusion.

However, there are some facts that are true.

I fall in love with Barcelona every time I leave and come back, even every morning.

And I did fall in love with Greece when we went in a journey there. And what impressed and inspired me the most was an amazing island of Santorini.

Greece is the cradle of civilization and its mix of culture, art, nature, colors, and food leaves a long-lasting impression.

Greece inspired this painting of Santorini. But besides it inspired the taste for Greek food that led to a delicious discovery in Barcelona that I’ll tell you about in my new restaurant review. 😉



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