Greek taste in Barcelona. Dionisos.

Dionisos. Welcome back on the delicious journey of discovering taste. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I’ll share with you my tasty discovery that was inspired by Greece.

Have you ever been to Greece? Or tried any delicious Greek food? If you have, you will understand me.

Simple while thick and profound taste is what makes Greek food so delicious and leaves a lasting impression. Once you try Greek yogurt, feta cheese, cod or lamb in Greece, such words as tyropita, gyros, souvlaki, bakaliarou will forever be your reference of  the world of taste. Tsatsiki, humus and other Greek starters

However, what do you do if you are not in Greece and you feel like something Greek? Well, it’s obvious that you go and search for a good Greek restaurant and if you are lucky, you find one.

I did get lucky and discovered a nice Greek restaurant in Barcelona, and not even one, but a small chain of them: “Dionisos”

Dionisos, Aribau

So, what is there about Dionisos? 

There are five restaurants in Barcelona, but my favourite is the one in Aribau.

In fact, all restaurants have a simple wooden warehouse design with some  Greek decor elements and traditional music that creates an enchanting atmosphere. 

However, what is really worth talking about is food in Dionisos.

Plato GyrosThrough the window of the open kitchen you can see delicious dishes being prepared. You can choose any of them from the menu and be sure that you’d love it.

What I would recommend is definitely “plato gyros” – small pieces of lamb roasted on a stick with creamy tsatsiki sauce. Interestingly, this dish is called by the way it is prepared: “turning around”. 

Besides, feta cheese baked in foil with vegetables is a perfect starter.

Feta cheese baked in foilAnd for dessert, don’t miss its Greek yogurt. Though it is different from the best you can find in Greece, like the one in Soton café in Athens, it is delicious!

To accompany the meal, you should give a try to Naoussa wine, that is moderately fruity with a soft tanine aftertaste.

And you know what? I am so enchanted with Greek food that even on my last trip to Paris, we found a nice Greek taverna in Quartier Latin and stopped there for a plato gyros. Naoussa wine

However, there is much more to be said about this trip and Taste of Paris. Stay tuned for the new review! 😉 


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