Breakfast in Paris.

One of the best ways to discover the delicious world around is traveling and I love it.
Actually, every trip of mine usually turns into a gastronomic adventure.
Flatwhite in Malongo café, ParisThey say that the most important meal of a day is breakfast and I couldn’t agree more.
It is a seldom case that I have breakfast in a hotel since most cities have exciting breakfast spot concepts to explore. 
In fact, there have been only two hotels so far that stood the chance of being skipped for breakfast: 
la Casa Estampa (Val d’Aran).
Well, there are not so many breakfast spots around if any and its breakfast is really good.
Sofitel Hotel (Lisbon).
Its breakfasts are too delicious to be skipped. We had to have several breakfasts a day to explore Lisbon a little! 

Well, now you can imagine that during my last trip to Paris it was all about breakfast in the morning. 
Breakfast in Angelina, ParisWhere do you begin when you arrive to Paris? Maybe, at the oldest breakfast place in the city – café Angelina.
This place boasts more than 100 years of history and best hot chocolate in Paris. Besides, it is known to be the first place to serve eggs Benedict. 
When you enter Angelina, you can’t but be impressed by its interior design made in a really impressive style of grand café with meticulous attention to details. A dessert shop at the entrance is simply astounding. 
Service is impeccable, you are seated once you enter and the order is served immediately.
Croissants and pain au chocolat are crispy, airy and light. Coffee is good. Milk is served apart so you can control how much coffee and milk there are in your cup. 
However, when I saw its famous eggs Benedict, I could do nothing but laugh. These are a perfect example of French style – refined and minimalistic. If you are hungry, order a few. 
A kind of breakfast you get in Angelina is perfect to have the second breakfast a little later and to keep on exploring the taste of Paris.
Breakfast in Malongo café, ParisIt is worth mentioning that coffee culture is growing at high pace now in Paris and you are likely to come across several barista coffee shop while you are roaming the city. 
One of them to put on the list is Malongo café.é/4af6f3bdf964a520530422e3
This place has the best coffee I have ever tasted in my whole life so far – perfectly sour while still creamy.
It is a barista café that has a training facility so if you are searching for a place to learn to make good coffee, you should definitely consider them.
It is almost impossible to do with just one coffee. It is too good and you can’t avoid repeating it.
Besides coffee, you can enjoy some delicious pastry and crispy bread, which is perfect for a breakfast when you have whole Paris to discover.
The ambience is very quiet and mostly minimalistic. Just wood and pure space. The coffee appliances and kitchen utensils store is in the front part, while a couple of tables and a big table to share are at the back.
Another important fact for a tourist, there is wifi here. Since wifi is yet not so common in Paris, it is worth knowing it.
Coffee in Café de FloreOf course, there is no breakfast in Paris without going to its famous grand cafés: Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots.é-de-flore/4adcda04f964a520323221e3
Grand cafés are always a must. A must to be ticked on your list. In fact, just a must. 
Nice service, traditional atmosphere. You feel the impact of grandness, being in a place where the great writers used to meet to work and discuss their ideas. This air of talent is what makes it special. 
My advice is go there for a coffee, just to tick a place on your list. And save some space in your stomach for really delicious places, especially if you are into brunch. 
Where to have brunch in Paris? Stay tuned for my next review. Paris is to grand to be summed up in one review. Even if it is about its breakfast spots.
Have a delicious one! 🙂 


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